Chalk Board And The Liquid Chalk

Liquid Chalk

Liquid Chalk

The chalk board goes back to the first days when the world had classrooms that were organized. That is probably several centuries ago. History has revealed that long before the chalk boards people used to write on walls and on any surface where charcoal could write. The marks that charcoal leave are not easy to erase. So any place that had charcoal marks could not be written on again. People needed to have a surface where they could write and erase as many times as possible. With the advent of organized classrooms came the blackboard and the chalk. But times have changed and now there is even liquid chalk.


Early on it was discovered that the powder produced from crushing limestone, could be made compact and used to write a white line on a flat surface. The difference came when it was found that the white line produced by the limestone stick could easily be erased. It was only a matter of time before somebody discovered that the white stick and a black board would be compatible. This came to be a tradition that has been handed from one generation to the next. Many a great scholars have been taught in classroom where the norm or method of teaching entailed the use of a black board and chalk. And now the liquid chalk has taken over.


Today, the use of liquid chalk has caught on. The old has been phased out. Even the blackboard is fast disappearing because the liquid mark pens write on white boards. Small businesses use the white boards to either advertise their products or write notices on them. Like most of the products of old, the chalk board and the chalk have been modernized. It may be a matter of time before they are completely phased out. But the world has to wait and see.

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